Amazation makes you part of this eCommerce revolution.

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What is Amazation?

Ever dreamed of owning your own highly successful Amazon Store to benefit from the forever increasing revenue opportunities that the worlds biggest online market place can offer, but haven't got the time or the know-how?

Amazation sets up and runs Amazon Stores on behalf of our clients.
We manage the daily running of your store, covering all aspects from finding the goods that sell, purchasing and shipping the goods, handling returns and reviews, customer relations, and growing the store into a profitable business. As store owner, you get to sit back and watch your revenues increase - in real-time, daily, through the Amazon Seller Central app on your computer 
or smart device.

The Process

Following the initial investment, your store will be up and running within one week of the agreement being in place. You'll then be asigned a dedicated Account Manager and a team of experts who are tasked to manage your store on a constant basis.

Welcome to your new store

You get all the benefits of being able to sell products profitably on the worlds largest online market place without all the stress of the day to day running of your store. 
For your investment, you will see an average return within 6-9 months, with a proven goal of producing NET profits of circa $10,000 per month going forward based on our average product margin of 10-15%.

Step 1
Initial setup of the store.  Register an Amazon account through Seller Central and we'll put supplier agreements in place with drop shipping as the means of delivery. 

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Step 2
 Using our unique software and our proven techniques, we will start listing products on your store that are likely to sell at very high volumes. We only look to list evergreen products that are non seasonal. 

Step 3
Your team then manages the daily transactions and adds around 10 new products each day until the store reaches it's inventory of 200 products - all being reviewed and sold consistently.   

© 2019 Amazation. All rights reserved

Amazation makes you part of this
eCommerce revolution

In 2018, Amazon's revenue was $232 billion dollars.
That's up almost $60 billion from the year before. 
It's unprecedented growth is set to continue as Amazon becomes the go to place for all global consumer shopping.